Business Directory Listings

The Ultimate Guide to Business Directory Listings in 2022


You’ve got a business website and you’re expecting to get some online traffic and then make some sales.

Everything’s in place, you’re ready to go – but things are a little quieter than you expected. All that time and money invested into your website and each time you refresh the page – nothing – not even a blip.

Welcome to the world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which, broadly speaking, is the practice of creating simple and accessible pathways for potential customers towards your website.

You might put an ad in the newspaper. And get a few visitors. You might add your domain name to your business cards. Put it on t shirts, paint it on the side of your van. Shout it out on radio or TV ads.

Or, you go to the search engines like Google or Bing and pay for their advertising. And it works. But you want to do more, there has to be a better way – it can’t just be pay pay pay for advertising – can it?

Directory Submission  – How does Joining a Web Directory Help My Business Website?

Let’s step back a bit and recall how Google started all those years ago. Google was a way to “find things on the internet” because there was so much content but it wasn’t organised into any sort of order.

So much like a library of books just all piled on top of each other on the sports field – the internet had some amazing content – only people couldn’t easily and accurately FIND IT!

So when Google promised to make finding things online simpler and easier – people suddenly could find exactly what they wanted. Google crafted an algorithm that took into account elements like popularity, details, and the creator of the content – as well as how many other sites pointed to that particular piece of content.

Each time someone found a piece of useful content, they would create a link to it – a way for others to follow and see what they had found. And more links to content X meant that content X must be meeting people’s needs. So content X went closer to the first page of the search results.

Google’s aim is to offer the best match to your search – and that’s where directories come into it. Each time your content appears in a directory it acts like a tiny little vote of confidence in your content – and Google notes this and adds it along with a multitude of other factors to come up with a page ranking – the order of sites on the search results page.

Ideally, you want to be the first result – something approaching 90% of clicks go for the first result. Then about 7% go for positions two and three, and only 3% look beyond the first page of results.

You can quickly appreciate how critical it means for a business relying on clicks to pay staff that appearing at the top three literally means the difference between success and starvation.

So Business Directories – love them or loathe them – actually perform a meaningful function – they are an aid in the process of getting closer to the elusive page 1 and even top three.

Link Type List - Australian Local Business Directories

Link Type List Australian Local Business Directories

Fig 1.  There are more than 23 link types available – and all have their varying value in helping gain organic ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs).  This article mainly comments on types 6, 9 and 11.

Online Business Directories – A Brief History Timeline. 

When you finally create your website for your business, it’s important to establish yourself on the internet. You can do this through social media, emails and SEO optimisation. All these ways will direct traffic to your website, help in creating awareness and increasing sales. Listing your website on online directories go a long way in helping improve your presence on the web.

Let’s clear up a very important consideration from the start. Have a look at most of these directories and they are actually pretty ugly, they look really old school in most cases, even kind of dodgy and suspicious.

“I’m not paying them $49 on paypal for a link on that site!” You might scoff, and click away.

It is not that internet users will conduct searches on these directories (though they may), but it will be counted by search engines. You can boost your SEO rank by improving your presence on the internet. Many search engines consider the presence of your brand name across the web. Think of these directories as getting online citations which help support your website.

In addition, web directories are fantastic places to come across backlinks to help with your link building activities. Registering in such web directories is more of an off-page SEO tactic, but very effective.

If you want to create backlinks, directory submission is one of the best methods for your website to gain powerful backlinks. By directory submission, your website gains popularity on the search engine.

Directory Submission is classified as the act of submitting your website URL on another website in a particular category. Directory submission is popular because it helps create backlinks to your website in a short period of time.

For example you might be able to join a dozen or so directories in an half hour and hence create a dozen links. Compare this to the labour or creating a dozen 1500 word articles for a link each – and you’re beginning to get why web directories are so favoured.

But it’s not that simple any longer. This was an established technique which led to a skew in the search results of search engines like Google – so Google set about bringing in a series of changes to it’s ranking algorithm to balance out the search results.

Variously named after birds and bears and what not, these updates wrought havoc on the already crowded business directory sector.

For many, it was the end of the boom and seo’s and noobs alike swore off directories for life, and moved onto article submission, or private blog networks. But in the background, some directories survived the bloody terror and even managed to trim some of the spammy fat from their bloated listings.

Welcome to 2022


Critical Elements to Consider Each and Every Time you Create a Link to Your Business Website.

Elements that impact the value of a business directory link

Fig 2.  By far the most important element of this quartet is the first – Authority of Site.  Next is Anchor Text – the actual words that are used to describe your website.  The remaining two are relevant are bonuses if you get a favourable roll of the dice, but not essential.

 Submission On Page and Off Page,  Business Directory Near Me

With the seemingly unstoppable rise and rise of social media, business directories are now seen as part of off page search engine optimisation. Let’s look into that for a second.

For starters, you have a brand new website and you want to be found by your potential clients as simply and as quickly as possible. So you follow all the established routines like H1and H2 and interlinking pages, and alt tags on images and fast page load speed and allowing a sensible sprinkle of keenly targeted keywords on each of your website’s pages.

That’s all the ON PAGE stuff – there’s more, but that’s not the point of this article. We’re more interested in OFF PAGE SEO – where we encourage bots and spiders and real humans online to visit our website through a series of steps to make the website more easily found by a person searching for the topic of the website.

In other words, Directory submission is critical to stir up some of the far off corners of the web to send some link juice back your way. It is a part of Off-page which helps you to optimize your website. The specific neighbourhood where you place your link also says a lot about your website itself.

Website Directories 2.0 have any number of variations – but I won’t go into them here. Suffice to say that for the purpose of this article I will be leaning towards the older style style directory for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, because although they look out of date and possibly stagnant, they are anything but. It’s part of the adventure of delving deep into the decades old history of the net that you are mining these old sites for gold – a link on a high Authority site for an affordable price – one that your competitors haven’t found…

And second, because there are bargains to be had. Some of these sites offer amazing stats and are still charging 2006 prices – like 3.99 for a link etc. That’s what I’m talking about!

Types of Directory Submission

When you submit your website on another website where are many numbers of categories you only choose one particular category for your relevant content. Often this is the first thing you are required to do. Please note, you are often time limited with your submission, and there are usually 200+ categories, so be mindful of getting lost looking for the perfect category.  

Different Directories – have different categories.

  • Christian Business Directory
  • Local Business Directory
  • Small Business Directory
  • Business Directory Chamber of Commerce
  • Business Directory by Postcode

Choose one with a keyword that reflects as closely as possible the general intent of your website. Be careful not to assume you can always post directly into the category title, most directories insist that premium real estate is reserved for Featured or Premium listings.

How to Keep Blog Commentary Authentic and Genuine

Hints on keeping blog commenting natural and authentic

Fig 3. Writing Blog Comments consistently for hours on end, most likely to articles you have only skim read, can be tedious.  And it shows in the quality of your response.  These tips are timely to help you appear fresh, authentic and genuinely engaged with the content.

Online Business Directories – the Submission Guidelines

Older style directories will offer four versions of listing your website.
1. PAID | Featured | Premium Web Listing
2. PAID Basic Web Listing
3. FREE Reciprocal Link Regular Web Listing
4. FREE Basic web listing

PAID | Featured | Premium Web Listing

The owner of Directory Submission sites will charge for submission and your link will be approved in 24 hours or some time. You can get early backlinks from This kind of directory submission. Some websites give some offers for submission. You can expect to pay in Australian dollars between $9.95 and over $1000 for a featured listing in some directories.

Personally, I run the domain through a seo tool like semrush to check on the authority of the domain.  This is helpful as a starting point, but other considerations are just as important like the directory niche.

Right now I’d rate pretty high even though we are an emerging directory only a few years old.  Our intent is there to be here for the long run, and our name, quite literally, says it all.  No other mish mash of words says it as succinctly as Location.Niche ie Australian.Yoga.

Authority is an assessment of the domain and how it ranks among other sites in terms of age, links and quality of content. Authority is scaled between 1-100 and honestly you’re looking at around 12 – 65 for directories that will accept links. I rate any directory above 20 and jump at a chance to list in anything 40+

Paid premium links are ideal. They are not overly crowded due to the cost involved, and you can usually pick top level categories to place your link. I recommend you join one or two of these more expensive directories as the high authority passes significant link juice to your domain.

I’ve seen case studies of seo gurus registering a domain, then adding it to two or three premium business directories and then ranking number one for a search term within days. It does happen and this is what we are aiming for with this whole exercise. But we don’t go around expecting such dramatic results – a more reasonable expectation is to see a gradual improvement over time as you consistently build links over say weeks or months.

   As a thank you for reading this far, I’m happy to send you a FREE Authority 64 link – all you have to do is register on the site and add your domain.

   To get this freebie, simply go to the website below – hint – it’s three words, no gaps no hyphens.  Just a high quality FREE backlink to your business.

www. bag the web .com

Google will no longer tolerate site acquisition of backlinks through any practice other than being a reputable and valuable contributor online. Essentially: building backlinks comes down to building a strong, high-quality content backlog that other websites will naturally want to link to – there is no cheating the algorithm system. Safari Digital.

Be wary of doing everything at once as you may produce such a spike in your rankings that the search engines become suspicious. In a worse case scenario your site can be de-indexed by Google.

Free or Regular Web Listing:

In this listing, you can submit your website without pay because it is a Free Directory Submission List. In this Directory Submission is no guarantee that your link has should be approved because many times in this directory submission the owner of the directory removes your links. Its results slow because it approved your link in 3 to 4 months.

Even for the three to five minutes it takes to type in or cut and paste your data into the form, it is really not worth wasting it for a free link. Imagine you were the owner of the directory.

There is no incentive really to post these links. Invariably they are from lower quality sites and who wants a directory over populated with spammy links? Not me for sure!

I’m certain that “FREE” link directories post the free bit as bait and then try to switch you to a paid placement. It’s clever marketing and I’ll admit I’ve fallen for it multiple times. I especially rate the free listing that offers you to upgrade for only $5 but it is a yearly subscription. If they make the subscription small enough, people can leave these dripping away at their Paypal accounts for years…

What is link Scheme?

Fig 4. Whilst this definition is quite strict, essentially what this means is not going into shcemes where you pay a shady “seo guy” for 000’s of links for an ongoing monthly subscription.  Invariably a good portion of these links are from dedicated “link Farms” and are of extremely low value.  Often they will not reveal the exact location of the links – a good sign they are working for the dark side…

Business Directory ways to Add URL

Reciprocal Regular Web Listing:
My advice is there is lots of potential in the reciprocal link listing. It works in two ways. First, the link is not monetized, so you aren’t left out of pocket. But what about the directory owner?

The directory owner gets a handy backlink “from you” to the directory itself. Now just think for a moment, handing out those “free” links means you get an inbound link every time. And over time, you build up a handsome hundred links pointing to the authority of your directory! It’s a win win for me so that’s why reciprocal links are a favourite of mine.

In this listing, a reciprocal link must be submitted to your website if you do not submit a link in your website so the directory owner does not approve your link. Just remember to have the reciprocal link code posted on your website prior to linking with the directory.

Directory submission is undoubtedly an impressive strategy to build up backlinks. But then there are several types of directory submission? We have listed out around eight types of submissions.

Free Directory Submission
It is a free directory submission but there is no guarantee of getting an approved link by the administrator, and it will also take a lot of time.

Reciprocal Regular Web Directory Listing
Here you need to submit a reciprocal link to your site when you activate directory link. Then only directory administrator will approve your link.

Paid Directory Submission
Here you need to pay the owner of the directories site for submissions. You will get fast backlinks from this type. As it is a paid form, some of the sites offer this as a package for yearly or lifetime.  I highly recommend this form – and it is the best way to use Online Business Directories.  Put it this way – for the host of the Directory, this is their actual business and lifeblood so they give you the best service and return on your investment (ROI).

Automatic Directory Submission
As the name suggests, you can use software and tools to submit directories.

Manual Directory Submission
You need to do all the directory submissions manually. However, all the search engines including Google don’t encourage manipulative ranking efforts.

Nofollow Directory Submission
The nofollow attribute usage is becoming controversial among search engines as you do not gain the desired ranking through them. In directory submissions, should you consider submitting your site to any no follow directories, they still “count” as a link and do work as a vote of confidence by the host website.

Dofollow Directory Submission
If you happen to be a blogger who wants to increase your blog rankings then you must head for do follow directories that help you to get SERP. Dofollow backlinks help in getting high rankings and also high traffic.

Niche Directory Submission
Niche Directories are best described as what they are not.  They are not generalised, “accept all comers” directories.  A Niche directory will have a barrier to entry that is something along the lines of being part or a supplier to the niche.  This fact alone makes a niche directory more appealing from the point of adding your URL.  There is some measure of exclusivity around membership and hence a level of human editing.

The more the frequency of links on your site, the more is the visibility and ranking on search engines. As the ranking of your site increases, search engines visit your page more frequently and this creates much value to your site.

Dwight Schrute Question

Dnew heading irectory Submission  – 

Importance of Directory Submission in SEO:
It plays an important role in the off-page SEO of a website or blog. Every Blogger or Website owner wants to improve the popularity of their website on the internet.

Some of them are given below:

It helps you to make a global recognition of your website or blog over the internet.
By this process, your website will show at the top of the search engine result page.
It improves the Alexa rank of your website.
It increases your website domain authority.
It increases the popularity of your website or blog.
You can get good-quality backlinks from these websites.
It increases traffic on your website.
Directory Submission is one of the best ways to get good quality backlinks for your website and increase your website’s popularity on the internet.

Social media backlinks
Let’s see a few of the social media I have used first. Keep in mind that most links you get from social media and content creation platforms are nofollow backlinks. However, as we head down the list, you will find several options that provide dofollow links.

Now keep in mind that these links will mainly help your blog get indexed faster by search engines. Don’t expect significant improvements to your blog’s Domain Rating and Domain Authority, but they are a good means to kickstart your link building.

Medium: You can create a free account on and import your blog posts by clicking your profile picture, selecting “Stories,” and then providing the URL to your post. You can also edit your story before posting it.

Slideshare: I have uploaded my slides from my conference paper in PLDI’20 to Slideshare and added backlinks to Borderpolar.

YouTube: You can add a link to your website in your channel description, and you can add links to your video descriptions. Make sure to do it in the first 25-50 characters to be easily visible.

Instagram: You can add your website’s link in the website section of your bio.

Facebook: You can create a Facebook page for your website/blog. You can then add your website URL to the website section of the page’s information. You can also share content from your website, and you can also add your blog to your personal profile’s website section.

LinkedIn: Your profile’s contact info tab allows you to add up to three links. These links will be shown at the top of your LinkedIn profile for non-logged-in users. You can also create a LinkedIn company page and add your website URL as part of the basic business information.

Pinterest: Add your website link to your Pinterest profile and claim it so that you can use rich pins. Rich Pins allow you to post photos and images to Pinterest as if you would be doing it with an article on Facebook. Then you can also attach a link to your pins that directs back to your website.

Quora: You can add a link to your website URL in your profile. You can also add URLs to your answers; make sure that the content is relevant and your answers are of high quality rather than the spammy type.

Reddit: You can add a backlink to your website in your Reddit profile. You can also share posts in your personal user subreddit, u/username. It also turns out that links Reddit comments are dofollow.

500px: 500px is a website for photographers to share their work. Add a link to your website/blog in your 500px profile. This is also a dofollow backlink.

SBNation: You can create a profile at You can add your blog to your profile, your signature, and your “About me.” Links from are dofollow. You can publish articles on, and any links you add to them will be dofollow. You can add your blog to and claim it. You can also post articles with dofollow links. You can create a dummy blog at and add links to your blog to it. These are also dofollow backlinks. You can create a profile on and add dofollow links to your blog in the “Homepage” and about sections of your profile. You can create a profile on and add links to your blog. They will be dofollow links. You can create a profile at and add your blog to the website section. Again this is a dofollow link. You can create a profile at and add dofollow links to your blog. You can create a profile at and add dofollow links to your blog. Once again, you can create a profile at and add links to your blog, and they will be dofollow. You can create a profile at and add your website to the profile website section. Again this looks like a dofollow link. You can also add your blog’s RSS
feed to it and publish all your posts on Triberr. Another chance for a dofollow link by creating a profile at and linking to your website/blog in the website section.

Dnew heading irectory Submission  – 

Some truths about Directory Submission

At have been doing this long enough to understand this ins and outs of directory submission for SEO purposes. These are some facts that no other directory submission service will tell you. We value an honest and realistic approach, rather than inflated promises and hype.
Page Rank and acceptance rate

Generally speaking, with free directories the higher the overall page rank of the site, the less your chances of having your link accepted. These directories are flooded with submissions, and unless your site is already well established, it probably has a low chance of being approved.

On the other hand, newer directories with or without any page rank yet, usually want new submissions and will gladly accept your link. Then, when these directories become more established and are assigned Page Rank, your link is in a great position. So our technique usually includes a mix of both established directories and new ones.

Not an exact science

There is not exact formula to gain links for every site. All we can do is apply techniques that have been shown to provide the best overall results over the past several years. Any service promising an exact result is dishonest.
No overnight results.

Gaining backlinks through directory submission takes time and is a long term strategy. You may not see the full effects of your submission for several months. Social bookmarking can be more immediate, but directory submission takes time.
Still a great technique.

Regardless of why you might read, directory submission is still a critical strategy in promoting your website. Google may have cracked down on paid links recently, but free directories can still provide the critical backlinks that your site needs to move up in the search engines. It is still one of the top strategies listed on every SEO guide for website promotion.

There are three kinds of directory submissions way.

Regular or Free website Listing: In this category they allow you to register and submit your links for free. Basically, if you submit in this category there is no guarantee that they will keep your link. Also, the link approval time is much longer even they will not accept your listing as their wish. Most of the webmasters they remove the free links when they get high authority.

Paid or Featured Listing: If you want to post in this category, the webmaster will approve your link within 24 hours and another benefit is your link will be on the homepage and your listing will be permanent. But some of the website owners take yearly charge to list your website. As a result, If you don’t pay yearly, they can remove your directory listing.

Reciprocal Link Building: Reciprocal link building means you will submit a link on their site and to get an approval of your listing, you have to give them a link from your site. In a simple language, you have to do link exchange with them. I will suggest you, not to follow this way to do directory submission. It will be risky for your site. Because Google doesn’t like it at all. Reciprocal link building is not a white hat SEO technique.

Dnew heading irectory Submission  – 

Why should you do directory submission?

Ranking Higher on Google:

Google has a 200+ ranking factor. So, Google’s one of the ranking factors is link building and directory submission in some way serve this factor. If you do a listing your website in a directory site, it will pass link juice to your site and it sends a signal to Google that this site is valuable and it should be rank higher. Doing directory submission not only you will get link juice but also it helps your site to get brand awareness as well as trust.

The Earth Digital Difference: Precise Targeting, Rapid Results

Once you’ve targeted the right keywords and optimized your website, the real work has only just begun. Without an effective link-building campaign, your beautifully optimized website may still be buried deep in the search results, behind better-established competitors. For many webmasters, this is a frustrating experience.

Earth Digital makes it easy for you, by developing a comprehensive list of topic-specific websites that already link to sites like yours. Some of these websites will link to you directly, others will require a reciprocal link in return. Either way, we make it easy for you by providing full contact information and a suggested link placement for every site.

Our Directory Listings service provides a list of matching categories for your submissions to popular directories.

Reciprocal Link & Directory Targeting Package

Why deal with the frustration of an untargeted link building campaign, when you can get faster results without all the headaches? SEO Earth Digital will provide you with a detailed listing of related websites that are ready and willing to trade links with sites like yours.

Link Targeting Report

Your link targeting report includes a minimum of 20 websites that are already welcoming reciprocal links or providing free directory listings. We search for quality sites, and provide all available contact information to you so that you can establish profitable linking relationships.

We can not guarantee response rates but will guarantee that these are useful resources related to your website. We will make sure that these websites are well designed, without excessive pop-up ads, and that they are not visibly participating in any links program that does not meet established search engine guidelines.

Directory Listing Report

Your directory listing report will tell you exactly which category your site should be listed in for all of the applicable major directories. We will provide the appropriate submission page address for each directory. It is up to you to submit your site, and we can not guarantee that your site will be accepted by the editors.

Outgoing Links Table

Your linking campaign will be most effective if you first establish links to these other sites. To make this as easy as possible for you, we’ll provide “copy and paste” HTML code that you can edit as needed and insert into any page on your site. The outgoing links will use the title from the other site’s home page, and the table layout includes space to add a description if one is requested by the other site.